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Dear Pascale,

[...] I read the book in detail. It is written in a very informal, yet professional way. It reads as if you were talking to me - the reader. This is a plus few guidance writers can accomplish.

Although focused on translators, the book is a must for anyone who is in business of his or her own, regardless of profession.

Your emphasis on know yourself, believe in yourself and your abilities with unremitting passion, be ethical, and know what you are doing and why, are applicable to any human activity.

You address the issues of vision and leadership head on. Another must.

Chapters 6 & 7 are crucial. You deal with these subjects with sensitivity, honesty, and directness. Anyone who is in business must practice the advice and guidelines you give daily. The same cheating (Chapter 7) goes on all the time in the consulting field. "Show me what you know" is the trick played on us.

This book not only leads a potential translator by the hand with practical advice, it saves lots of time, money, and energy to any consultant - while keeping one's integrity and reputation with grace and elegance.

You have done a great job.

Your book is among those I keep close to my desk because I consider them indispensable to my success, professionally and personally.


Warm regards,


Dr. Maria Velez de Berliner
Latin Intelligence Corporation

Dear Pascale,

Hope this email finds you well. I'm done with "1st revision" of the book. The first question I asked myself was why didn't this book was made available 2 years back? It may or could have slightly changed things for me. Anyway, no regrets. There's always room for improvement and I thank you for writing this book.
[…] But your book has opened my eyes. Oh! yes.. thank you for the free delivery.
I forgot to mention this in my last e-mail. I may be able to learn a lot from you.

Kind regards

Aniza. B.

freelance translator - english <> malay





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