Translation - A Flawless career

Key Focus Points

- Provides a Systemic Approach to forge a successful career path.

- Introduces a Prisme© Methodology to implement winning leadership strategies.

- Offers lessons to improve pricing standards and payment practices.

- Includes valuable suggestions for conflict avoidance and resolution.

- Covers legal and financial aspects of being a “newbie” freelancer.

- Reveals effective methods to insure full and timely collection.

- Details a comparative analysis of business agreements.

- Discloses instructive advice for preparation and usage of contracts.

- Features an overview of the history of Language and Writing with selected illustrations depicting the evolution of ancient scripts.


Translation has played an important part in the author’s life for over the past 25 years.
First, as a secondary activity while teaching, and then when she decided to take the plunge and become a full-time translator.

This choice took her into the entrepreneurial and freelance world. Her knowledge, skills and experience allowed her multi-faceted personality to succeed and to always look for perfection. Her book, born during the International Year of Languages, provides the tools and tips to help people, whether translators or entrepreneurs, to take the plunge and yet be protected.

The essence of the book is awareness, and leadership-driven to promote a flawless career.


2008 International Year of Languages was proclaimed by the UNESCO. To face  the increasing demand for translation, standards and their improvements must follow. 

We know that crossing  the barriers of language can be achieved. For this, we need expert translators. The global translation community must work together and support each other in a quest to improve standards and practices.

This is the only way we can attain better recognition and respect. Abusive rates and predatory practices must be our common adversary during this important year. This special year is given to us to make a difference.

That is why this book openly addresses an issue of major importance that we translators are not just scribes, but necessary and needed resources through which improvement of standards can be recognized, accomplished and appreciated.

Author Biography


Born, raised and primarily educated in France, Pascale Daniel is an author, translator and consultant. She is the owner and founder of Transpose.Info, Inc.

She first lived in the U.S. in the early 1980s. In 2003 she settled in Los Angeles to consolidate her personal and professional lives, after having spent many years in New Caledonia, Tahiti and the south of France. Pascale and her American husband now live in Florida.

Readership Level

Language Teacher Corpus, Translation Teacher Corpus

Professional, Undergraduate

Any Freelance

Small Business Owner

Book Presentation

Format: Paperback (pp: 208)

ISBN: 0-9815069-0-9

13 Digit ISBN: 978-0-9815069-0-6

Publication date: 13 Feb 2008
Publisher: TransposePrinting

 Valid until December 2011


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